St Andrews Crest Pre-School is located at 3 Glasgow Street, St Andrews and opened in January 1990. It was architecturally designed by a leading Sydney Architect by the name of Albert Beccera and constructed by Gordon Irsak.

It features two classrooms with adjoining toilet facilities for easy access for the children.
Facing North to Northwest it is efficient in its warmth and open spaces making it the perfect environment for young children.


The Centre is owned by Gail and Gordon Irsak and their daughter Christine with their son Mathew helping with maintenance of the premises. They have been involved in childcare as well as Sunday school for over 40 years.

Gordon and Gail have also established a music school within Campbelltown called JAM Studios  that has seen more than 7000+ students enjoy and develop their artistic potential. Gail and Gordon have dedicated their life to early childhood education as well as supporting children in their music interests.

A Quote about Gordon Irsak from Fraser Tahua (New Zealand Advisory Group)

“Gordon is the ultimate believer in youth achieving and doing something they love as well as the need to reach academic levels through their passion”. 

Christine Irsak BTECE, TAE

Christine Irsak is currently the head educator in charge, she holds a Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood Education) through University of New England (U.N.E) and TAE: Certificate 4 in Training and Assessment. She has been at St Andrews Crest Pre-School since leaving school in 1998. She started off as a trainee, then completing a diploma, then finally completing her Degree in 2010. Christine is an accomplished musician, playing piano, vocalist and music theorist.

Christine has been teaching piano, vocals and music theory at JAM Studios since 2006. Her students range in ages from 4 – adult. Christine’s interests are in support of young children with additional needs as well as training teachers to support young children.

To assist your children Christine has excellent communication with Government Agencies as well as Paediatricians & Private Agencies for a large support network for your child. Christine’s transition to School Program is designed for a succesful entry to school life for your child.

Gail Irsak

Gail Irsak has been working with children since 1971 starting as a Sunday school teacher for 2 – 5 years plus with the Salvation Army Girl Guides for children 5 – 12 years. Gail currently holds her Diploma of Children’s Services and is the Owner and Manager of St Andrews Crest Pre-School.